Stage & Event FR Drapes & Fabrics

Plain Voile Champagne

Plain Voile champagne Lead weighted

Plain Voile White

Plain Voile White Lead Weighted

PV Dusky Pink

PV Forest Green

PV Fuschia

PV Orange

PV Purple

PV Silver

Shimmer Organza Bronze

Shimmer Organza Copper

Shimmer Organza Electric Blue

Shimmer Organza Jet Black

Shimmer Organza Mink

Shimmer Organza Oyster

Shimmer Organza Silver

Shimmer Organza Taupe

Shimmer Organza White

Slub Voile Champagne

Slub Voile Champagne Lead Weighted

Slub Voile White

Slub Voile White Lead Weighted

Virtue 35

Virtue 36

Virtue 42

Other voiles & sheers collections

Contract FR Designer Sheers

Contract FR Designer Sheers

Luxurious contract sheer collections Aimed at high end hospitality design. An elaborate mix of yarns weaves and designs.

Linen and Cotton Look Contract FR Sheers

Linen and Cotton Look Contract FR Sheers

Natural and open weave sheers , All the benefits of a contract sheer with the looks and feel of a genuine natural fabric.

Flame Retardant Contract Voiles

Flame Retardant Contract Voiles

Essentials for clean, fresh and cost effective basic contract voiles. Value engineering for hospitality soft furnishing at its best.

Bespoke Weaving & Specials

Bespoke Weaving & Specials

Weaving dying and finishing to customers own spec. 25 years in production of contract voiles and sheers gives us the unique experience and knowledge to work on your bespoke order.

G&R Home Furnishings

G&R Home Furnishings

Fabric Voiles and Sheers for the home, Collections of curtain and sheer fabrics specifically designed for residential home use.